S19 aluminum substrate and PCB version identification

This article will introduce the difference between the S19 aluminum substrate and the PCB version from the following three aspects.

1. The control panel is different; the PCB version generally uses the 7007 control board, the aluminum substrate generally uses the A113D control board, the 7007 baffle is the card slot opening, and the A113D is the micro USB opening.

S19 control panel

S19 90T control panel

2. Hash boards are different, and the versions are distinguished based on this. For example, the PCB version is a common hash board, while the aluminum substrate version of the hash board is made of aluminum substrate.

PCB version hash board

PCB version

Aluminum substrate material hash board

Aluminum base version

3. The number of chips is different, the number of single-board chips for the PCB version is 76, and the number of single-board chips for the aluminum substrate version is 88.

the number of chips

*Note: The above differences are for reference only. Due to the update of the miner version, the above methods may not apply to the new version.

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