How to remove the fan of the all-in-one miner?

I. Corresponding relationship of all-in-one fans

The miner has 4 fans, if one fan fails, the miner cannot work correctly. Therefore, only the corresponding fan can be replaced when replacing.

The fan number on the control board corresponds to the fan number on the miner's user panel. So, when replacing, find the fan socket corresponding to the fan number of the control board according to the fan number of the user panel failure. (Generally, FAN1 and FAN2 are rear fans, and FAN3 and FAN4 are front fans.)

miner fan number

control board fan ports

II. Steps to remove the fan

1. First, remove the control panel cover and power supply cover (the front fan can also remove the control panel without removing the power supply cover). Remove the corresponding screws of the cover plate and lift the cover plate to remove it.

NOTE*: The control board cover requires holding down the round button to remove.

remove the panel cover

remove the screws

2. Unplug the corresponding fan power supply cable after removing the upper cover.

fan cable interface

3. Cut off the corresponding fan cable tie, and remove the fan cable protection tape.

remove cable ties and tape

4. The rear fan wire is under the copper bar of the power supply. There is enough space under the copper bar. There is no need to remove the copper bar. The fan wire can pass under the copper bar.

fan wire location

5. Unscrew the 4 screws corresponding to the fan to remove the fan.

fan screws 


1. Replacing the fan does not affect the warranty.

2. When installing the fan, pay attention to the direction of the fan. The wind direction of the fan should be from front to back.

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