APW3+ 12- 1600W Power Supply User Guide [EN]

APW3+ 12- 1600W Power Supply User Guide?

The APW3+12-1600 series AC-DC PSU combines high efficiency and good dynamic performance into a dense power package. It also features overload, overheat, overcurrent, and low voltage protection, making it well-suited to12V, ≤1600Wpower devices.

1. Please note:

This PSU cannot be used in countries with a mains power voltage is lower than 205V. The PSU will not start below this voltage.

2. Features
•±20% voltage input range
•High efficiency, up to93.5%
•Short circuit, overload and overheat protection
•Extreme power density, 1U form factor
•100% rated up to 50℃ ambient
•C13 power connector

3. Specifications


DC Voltage


Rated Current(220V input)


Rated Power (220V input)


Ripple & Noise


Voltage Regulation


Source Regulation


Load Regulation


Setup, Rise Time


Power off Protection Trip Time


Interface Type

5 pairs of 6pin PCI-E connectors


Voltage Range

176-264V AC

Starting Voltage

200-205V AC

Frequency Range


Power Factor

>0.95(full load)

Leakage Current

<1.5mA(220V 50Hz)

Low-voltage Input


Output Short Circuit



Low-voltage Input (220V input)

171-181V AC

Output Short Circuit


Output Overcurrent(220V input)


Overheat Protection


Environment Conditions

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

20%-90% RH (non-condensing)








force-air cooling

Fan speed

when temperature of the heat sink  is higher than 0 , the fan runs at full speed

Max Load vs. Ambient Temperature Graph (220V input)

Efficiency vs. Load (220V input)

4. Order Information& Wire Type
1) Order Information

2) Wire Types

5 pairs of 6 pin PCI-E connectors. 350mm length for each PCI-E.

5. Troubleshooting & FAQ






Fan won't run, and no 12V output.

AC Input is abnormal.

1. Make sure the AC input wire has a good connection and the plugs are connected firmly.
2. Make sure the mains power is working well and it svoltage is above 100V.


The fan is running, but there is no 12V output.

1. Voltage in your power system is lower than required.
2. PSU is in protection mode.

1. Please check whether the voltage is above 100V with a Fluke 15b+ multimeter to make sure the PSU can switch on correctly.
2. Check whether there is a short circuit output or overload causing the PSU to enter a locked status. After removing the problem, the PSU should power up.


After a few minutes, the PSU stops working, starts working, stops working and keeps cycling.

PSU is in over-heat protection.

1Check whether the fan is working.
Check whether the fan's vent is being blocked.
Check whether there is a dust buildup inside the PSU due to prolonged use. Do NOT remove the PSU's cover unless trained to do so.
Check the power and ambient temperatures follow the Load/Temperature graph.


Output is normal, but the fan is not working.

The fan is broken.

1. Check that the fan is clear of blockages or buildup.
2. Fan is broken and needs to be replaced.


The PSU suddenly has no output and can't be started again.

The PSU is in over-current protection.

Using the electronic load tester to check whether the load current has exceeded the built-in overcurrent protection limit. The protection automatically triggers when the load current exceeds the limit to protect against damage to the PSU and the server.

6.  Precautions for Use

1) Before using the PSU, please ensure that the voltage and power outputs are compatible with your equipment.
2) Please ensure that the PSU appears to be in good shape and has not suffered damage in transit. If the exterior of the PSU appears damaged, do not use it.
3) Make sure that the metal cover for the PSU with the on/off switch is properly grounded. Improper grounding is dangerous.
4) The PSU must be installed in such a way that it receives good, unobstructed airflow. Under no circumstances should the PSU be installed in an enclosed place.
5) When installing the PSU, please double-check that the output polarities are the correct way round and that the screws are fastened securely in place.
6) Do not attempt maintenance on any wiring while the PSU is powered up from the mains.
7) Running the PSU at<80% load or below can significantly prolong the life of the PSU. Usually, for every 10ºC above the rated amount, the life of the PSU is cut in half.
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