Antminer E3 Hash Board Repair Guide [EN]

Antminer E3 Hash Board Repair Guide [EN]

1. Antminer E3 test fixture

(1) E3 is a separate test fixture, which is not common to miners such as S9. The serial port connection is the same as other test fixtures.

E3 Antminer test fixture

(2) Adapter board wiring.

Adapter board wiring

(3) Test program configuration changes.

Test single board

2. Antminer E3 hardware structure

(1) Control board, which is familiar to the T9+ control board, requires a firmware upgrade.

T9+ control board

(2) The structure of the hash board, as shown in the figure below, can be split into an expansion board and a module board.

E3 hash board

After splitting:

E3 expansion board

Pay attention to the direction when installing:

Install the module board

(3) Correspondence and fault judgment

The whole miner corresponds to the background, and the 3 cable interfaces of the E3 control board are J2, J3, and J4. There are 9 chains in the backend of the miner, and each chain has 2 chips, a total of 18 MB1790 chips.

J2 corresponds to 1, 8, and 9 chains as a hash board; J3 corresponds to 2, 10, and 11 as a hash board; J4 corresponds to 3, 12, and 13 as a hash board.

E3 control board

9 chains for Antminer E3

The chip of each chain in the background is normally displayed as OO. If there is BB, CC, X,? Or there is no O, and it is generally abnormal. If such an abnormality occurs, you can find the corresponding module board according to the corresponding relationship and replace it.

Normal as shown below:

E3 ASIC statu

(4) Single board corresponding test fixture and fault judgment

The test fixture adapter board should be wired according to J1, J2, J3 corresponding to the control board J6, J7, J8. Note that if the wiring board is misconnected, the following errors will also result:

Among them, C1 corresponding to the fixture test is chain 5, C2 corresponds to chain 6, and C3 corresponds to chain 7. If a chain fails the test, you can replace the corresponding module board to confirm the specific defective module board.

The corresponding relationship is as follows:

E3 test fixture

E3 single board

3. Common faults

(1) One of the 3.3V power supply MOS of the expansion board is burned out.

3.3V power supply

Measure whether the corresponding power supply part of the module board is short-circuited and test it as shown in the figure below.

If there is a short circuit, remove the module board and find the corresponding MOS tube on the expansion board to replace it. Generally, the damaged MOS tube has obvious burn marks, or the measurement is short-circuited. And replace the corresponding module board to restore it.

test hash board

(2) Unable to enter the miner backstage.

Re-upgrade the control board program.

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