Plastik 70 thinner 5L
Plastik 70 thinner 5L
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Product description:

German KONTAKT PLASTIK 70 SUPER special-grade acrylic insulating varnish with UV money is a fast-drying, colorless, and transparent insulating varnish which can provide a protective coating based on a new type of acrylic resin. This product is a low-viscosity varnish with good insulating properties. Dries to a colorless, transparent, elastic finish. It can adapt to the temperature environment from -40℃ to +125℃ temperature range. The dielectric strength exceeds 80KV/mm. The coating contains UV-sensitive materials, which can be inspected by ultraviolet light. It does not contain silicon and is insoluble in water.

PLASTIK 70 varnish

Product parameters:

Appearance: transparent liquid

Odor: Solvent smell

Flashpoint: <0°C

Density (20°C): 0.85~0.91 g/cm3

Viscosity: 15~20 mPa.s

Curing Value: 16-20%

Average spraying thickness: 20~40 microns

Coverage: 4.5 m2/ L

Surface drying: 20~30 min

Fully dry: 24 hr

Dielectric Strength : > 85 kV/mm

Surface resistance: > 1 x 1012Ω

Volume resistance: > 1 x 1013Ωcm

Heat resistance effect: excellent

Heat resistance at -40℃~+85℃ for 168 hours: Excellent

24hr at 55°C & 95%RH+ over 24hr temperature limit test at 25°C & 95%RH

- Continuously withstand 6hr at 40℃: Good

- Continuously withstand 6hr at + 125℃: Good

Plastik 70 thinner foe sale

Product features:

1) This product can guarantee good insulation performance in high-temperature and high-humidity environments.

2) Ultraviolet light can be used to check whether there are omissions during spraying.

3) This product does not contain silicon and is insoluble in water.

4) The completely dry PS 70 Super can be removed entirely by THINNER 70 when used for repair work (e.g., welding).

5) This product is suitable for use in electronic equipment in harsh environments (high humidity, high salt spray).

6) PS 70 Super can be used to repair circuit boards coated with KF 1280 ND paint.

7) PS 70 Super can be used in systems such as avionics, marine electronic materials, telecommunications, communication equipment, precision electronic materials, and automotive circuits.

Instructions :

1) For small areas, the easiest way is to use the PS 70 Super in a spray can. Please keep the spraying distance at 20-30cm. For printed circuit boards, we recommend using PCC, a special cleaner for circuit boards, to remove grease, dust, and flux residues on the circuit boards before using PS 70 Super. After using this product, please spray backward for 2-3 seconds until the air is wholly exhausted to avoid nozzle clogging and affecting the subsequent use.

2) Barreled PS 70 Super can be used for manual brushing or air compressor spraying for mass production and manufacturing. When spraying, the original manufacturer's recommended ratio of stock solution and thinner (THINNER 70) is 2:1. Experimenting with the appropriate equipment should determine the exact mixing ratio.

3) For immersion method coating, it is necessary to control the immersion time and removal speed. The faster the removal speed, the thicker the removal material will be. Therefore, the conductive parts must be masked in advance if the immersion method is used.

4) PS 70 Super contains butyl acetate solvent. Printed circuit board materials and electronic components are usually not corrupted by this solvent. However, compatibility tests must be done in advance when applied to plastic surfaces (such as shells). In addition, it is essential to test its Adaptability, whether the plastic is susceptible to stress cracking (e.g., polycarbonate).

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Neil Hasicic 2023/2/20 4:49:32

I would like to know if the full speed fan simulator works with the Antminer S19j Pro.

Also do you ship to canada
A:Dear friend, in theory, as long as the interface is consistent and the fan can be identified, the full-speed fan emulator can be used. Can ship to Canada. If you need, please contact our pre-sales customer service.
James Klafehn 2023/2/2 21:59:44
Q:I need 5 control boards for s19j pro 104th miners. I see you have a few that say they work with S19 miners. Even a universal one. Which one should I buy? What is the difference? I thought they were all interchangeable.
A:Hello friend, you can order this:
If you need help, please feel free to contact our pre-sales customer service
amir 2023/1/17 2:49:08
Q:سلام وقت بخیر
آیا دوره آموزش هشبرد واتسماینر برگزار میکنید؟
شامل: m20 M21 M30 M31
در صورت برگزاری تاریخ را اعلام کنید
متشکرم zeus
A:سلام دوستان ما هم اکنون دوره ای داریم که شامل واتس ماینر می باشد برای اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید از طریق واتس اپ با شماره 19115061759 +86 تماس بگیرید.
sara 2023/1/16 17:23:18
Q:what are the ICs used on this board?
A:Hello friend, we can't see the board, if you need help please contact our pre-sales tech
Larry Kom 2023/1/12 0:01:02
Q:Does the 2022 test jig support S19 XP?
A:Hello sir, the touch screen test fixture can test s19xp, if you need it, you can contact our pre-sales customer service at any time
Suprit Biswa 2023/1/5 18:41:06
Q:Do you have the cable that connects the fan to the s17 control board?
A:Hello sir, we have, you can contact our pre-sales customer service to quote for you. Thank you for your attention.
Robert Deeardorff 2022/12/27 0:17:42
Q:How can I purchase a control board for a jasminer
A:Hello sir, you can add the control panel to the shopping cart and submit, our pre-sales tech will update the shipping cost for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our pre-sales technicians.
mohmad 2022/12/24 9:15:59
Q:اريد تعلم صيلنة اجهزت l3
A:سلام آقا ما یک دوره آموزشی تعمیر ماشین آلات ماینینگ داریم که ماه آینده میاد میتونید اون موقع بهش توجه کنید
graziano paoletti 2022/12/20 5:39:51
Q:hello i need s19 95 ths .hex file for pic programming can you help me? thanks for answer
A:Hello sir, you can buy Antminer hash board PIC file, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our pre-sales customer service
sergeii 2022/12/6 16:17:47
Cuanto me cuesta en dolares 4 Antminer L3++ Hash Board ?
A:Hola, Tablero hash L3 ++: $ 78 cada uno, puede comunicarse con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente de preventa en cualquier momento si lo necesita



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