Unable to connect to the Internet or find IP of the miner

The solutions in this article applies to all Antminer.

1. Connect to the Internet or Network.

Place miners in alternative networks. If it works normally, there may be a problem with the network itself. Please contact your Internet provider to confirm whether their service is normal.

If the network is good, it could be the modem or router not working. Check the power supply of the router (maybe the power plug is loose), whether the cable is tightly connected, the Internet signal and the LAN port by checking the indicator light on the modem or router.

Or the Ethernet cable is not plugged in correctly or is malfunctioning. You need to test the Ethernet cable (Recommend Network cable finder). 

2. Router or switcher settings.

Check the router or switcher to see if any network configuration is disabled.

If unsure, consult a professional network engineer about rectifying network configurations.

Try to log in to the router settings page and check the IP address displayed in the "Connected Devices" list to see if it can detect your miner.

If not, you can reset the router, or check the router manufacturer’s website and see if there is a firmware update available.

Ask the router manufacturer how many devices can be connected to your router. Some routers have restrictions on the number of connected devices, which may be the reason why your miner cannot access the Internet. 

3. The network configuration of the mining unit conflicts with the IP address.

Only DHCP server is allowed. Make sure that DHCP is enabled on your network, and if it is found to be disabled, enable it. If your miner has set a static IP address, please ignore this item.

  • How to set my miner as a static IP address?

When your network is static, the MAC address can be used for binding. Our miners cannot connect on a static network, so if you enable it on the network, please disable MAC binding.

Check if your network provider has accidentally disabled the mining pool port. There may also be problems with the mining pool URL or unstable mining pool server. In this case, the miner may be connected to the Internet, but will not appear in the mining pool. The kernel log will show this problem. 

4. Restart the miner.

The miner has not started completely or started correctly. Just like a PC, for the operating system to start and work normally, multiple programs and tasks need to be completed.

Try to restart the miner several times and check whether the problem has been solved each time.

  • How to restart my miner?

Your computer should be connected to the same network as your miner. Every time you restart the miner (or press the IP reporter), your IP address may change. 

5. The control board is restored or reset to factory settings.

You can reset the miner first.

  • How to reset the miner?

If restoring factory settings does not help, the control board may be faulty. Please refer to the following to learn how to troubleshoot or restore the control board:

  • Check control board problems.

Certain malware attacks may damage the control board program.

  • How to prevent and eliminate malicious attacks? 

Of course, if the problem still cannot be solved, please repair or replace the control board.

If you still cannot resolve these issues, please contact us for further assistance.

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