How to solve the lack of T2 hash rate?

What causes a low hash rate?

Take Innosilicon T2 as an example. Its hash rate is 17.2T (-5%~+10%), which means the hash rate is standard between 16.34T-18.92T. Below this range, it is a phenomenon of low hash rate. The hash rate data of different miners can be compared according to the official website of the miner.

Insufficient hash rate manifestations and solutions

The low hash rate usually takes two manifestations: the local hash rate of the miner is less than the theoretical hash rate of the miner, or the hash rate of the mining pool is less than the local hash rate of the miner. Users can use the following troubleshooting to locate and solve the problem accurately.

1. The local hash rate of the miner is less than the theoretical hash rate

The local hash rate of the miner is less than the theoretical hash rate. It is mainly caused by some influencing factors of the miner hardware or the mining farm. You can refer to the following several common possibilities and solutions.

1) The miner is not warmed up, and the hash rate is insufficient when it is just turned on

Solution: It takes about 15 minutes to restart the miner before the hash rate reaches the normal range; if the miner restarts automatically in less than a few minutes, please change the power supply test to confirm whether the power supply is abnormal and cause the restart.

2) Incomplete display of miner hash board

Solution: If the number of hash boards displayed on the backstage of the miner is less than the number of hash boards of the miner itself, you need to re-plug the cables at both ends of the hash boards (or update the damaged cables), and power on again. If it is invalid, contact the after-sales technical staff for remote judgment.

3) Hash board 0 hash rate, temperature sensor data is abnormal

Solution:The backstage of the miner checks that the hash board is online. Still, the hash rate is 0, or the number of chips is displayed as 0, or the temperature is displayed abnormally (the temperature is different from other hash boards). At this time, please re-plug and re-plug the cables at both ends of the hash board and re-energize the operation. If the above phenomenon still occurs, please contact the technicians or maintenance personnel for judgment.

4) Network delay, low uplink and downlink bandwidth, or severe packet drop (mainly manifested as high rejection rate in the mining pool)

Solution: You can choose to test the speed of the current website.

5) Overheating of the miner leads to protection or restart of the miner

Solution: The average working temperature of the Innosilicon is around 0-40℃. When the temperature displayed on the backstage of the miner exceeds 40 degrees, please enhance the ventilation and heat dissipation measures of the miner, such as cooling equipment such as water curtain, air conditioner, and negative pressure fan.

6) Hardware failure problem

Solution: The miner may be damaged or loosened due to transportation reasons. Or a small number of miners may have chip abnormalities, etc., please get in touch with the official customer service of the miner manufacturer.

2. The hash rate of the mining pool is less than the local hash rate

Users can check from the following four points:

1) The real-time hash rate may have a low reference value: it is recommended to compare the mining pool's daily hash rate with the miner's local backstage data after the miner runs for 24 hours.

2) The local average hash rate of the miner is different from the average hash rate of the mining pool: the local average hash rate of the miner refers to the average hash rate during the operation period (usually the average hash rate in a few days) ), the daily hash rate calculated by the mining pool is the average hash rate of the previous 24 hours from now on. Thus, if the miner has not been running for 24 hours, the hash rate of the miner in the backstage will be higher than that in the mining pool.

3) The firmware version is too low, resulting in incompatibility and low hash rate: It is recommended to upgrade the firmware of the miner. You can use the article "How to upgrade T2TZ-30T or T2TS to the latest firmware?" to get the download link.

4) If there is a problem with a single miner, it is likely to be a problem with the miner itself. Please contact the miner manufacturer for after-sales or self-examination.


To ensure the flawless operation of the miner, please try to ensure the stable power and network supply of the mining farm and other suitable temperature and humidity conditions.

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