Miner PSU Problems And Solutions (Applicable to APW9/APW12)

miner PSU

The content of this article applies to Antminer APW9 and APW12.

Click to learn about 4 possible issues and their solutions:

1. The fan does not turn at all, and there is no output

a. This may be due to the A/C side of the power supply not being correctly powered.

 normal power supply

b. Use a Fluke 17b+ multimeter to check whether the A/C line is normal and whether the two ends of the plug are loose. Also, check if there is power from the grid to the PSU and if the voltage is normal.

voltage test 

2. The fan is running normally but no output

a. This indicates that the grid voltage is low or the power supply is in protection mode.

current voltage test 

b. Use a fluke multimeter to check whether the current voltage is above 205V, and confirm that the PSU can be started. Check the power output for a short circuit or overload. This will cause the power supply to enter protected mode. Power off the PSU for 10 minutes, then restore.

3. The PSU repeatedly stops for a few seconds and then resumes

This is because it is in high-temperature protection mode.

Check if the fan is blocked by debris. If blocked, clear the block. If the fan does not work anyway, replacing the PSU or sending it to the nearest repair center is recommended.

A few things to check:

· Check whether the cooling air duct of the power supply is blocked. If blocked, clear the block.

· Check the power supply for dust accumulation. If dirt is found, remove it.

· Check whether the power supply output or ambient temperature exceeds the data in the power limit curve. This can be caused by high temperature or overload.

4. The PSU power output is normal, but the fan does not rotate

There is a high chance of a fan failure.

fan does not turn 

Check if the fan is blocked by debris. If blocked, clear the block. If the fan does not work anyway, it is recommended to replace the PSU or send it to the nearest repair center.

Note: When the load current is abnormal, and the PSU continues to work, the PSU enters the protection mode to prevent fire or other dangerous situations.

Knowing the precautions for handling your PSU can prevent damage to your PSU.

Precautions for new PSU

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