What kind of chips does the Innosilicon T1 hash board have?

What chips does the Innosilicon T1 hash board have? How important are they? Let's have a look!

T1558 chip

Below this heat sink is the ASIC chip of the Innosilicon T1 miner. A single T1 hash board has a total of 63 T1558 ASIC chips. Each chip has an independent small heat sink on the back. The small heat sink is fixed on the back of the IC with a thermosetting adhesive. It is used to replace the faulty or non-working ASIC chip on the Innosilicon T1 miner, restore the miner's hash rate, and reduce the loss of the miner's operation.

T1558 ASIC chip


The PIC16F1704 is an 8-bit microcontroller used in any modern system or circuit design and makes any design more versatile. The microcontroller has a minimum operating temperature of -40°C and a maximum of 85°C. The typical operating supply voltage for this device is 3.3~5 V.

PIC16F1704 chip


ME6214C18M5G is ultra-low static power consumption, low dropout linear voltage regulator manufactured by CMOS process. It is packaged in SOT23-5. The current consumption of the regulator is about 0.7uA, and the power consumption is 0.01uA (typical) when it is turned off. Built-in enables control, a current-limiting circuit, foldback short-circuit protection and the output capacitor's automatic discharge.

P4RD linear voltage regulator


The MAX15157BATJ is a switching controller in a QFA package.

MAX15157BATJ switching controller


The 307k is a voltage regulator chip.

307K voltage regulator chip

Innosilicon T1 hash board chip summary:

T1 hash board chip summary

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