Antminer S17 Pro find 16 asic - S17 Pro Kernel Log

The following fault comes from the S17 Pro miner log provided by the miner. According to log picture 1 provided by the miner, the log shows that only 16 ASIC chips were found on the No. 2 hash board. Under normal circumstances, each hash board should find 48 ASIC chips. . According to the log provided by the miner, and Figure 2 shows STATUS_OKAY, ideal_hash_rate = 31630, and sale_hash_rate = 29000. It means that the initialization of the miner is completed, and the voltage and temperature sensors of the hash board are normal, but the hash rate is reduced due to the failure of one hash board.

 S17 Pro only 16 ASIC chips

S17 Pro low hash rate

Given the above faults, we propose the following solutions:

First, use the jig to test the No. 2 hash board, and then use the method of shorting "CO" according to the test result, first confirm whether the number reported by the jig test is correct, and then check the CLK, RET, CO, RI, BO signal voltage of the chip, and finally find the chip with abnormal signal voltage according to the test results, and replace it.

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Antminer BM1397AD

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