PuddingSwap adds OHM-HOO and OHM-PUD liquidity mining pools

PuddingSwap adds OHM-HOO and OHM-PUD liquidity mining pools


According to reports, HSC Hufu bright chain project PuddingSwap will add OHM-HOO and OHM-PUD liquidity pools at 21:00 (GMT+8) on November 16. Olympus is an agreement responsible for issuing and managing fully mortgaged, algorithmic, freely floating, stable assets OHM. OHM is fully collateralized, and it is backed by a crypto asset vault located within the scope of Olympus DAO, called Protocol Control Value (PCV). PuddingSwap is a decentralized exchange on the HSC of Hufu Smart Chain, and it is also a decentralized project integrating trading and mining.

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