The future of mining is a large-scale industrial production that de-retails

The future of mining is a large-scale industrial production that de-retails


On March 15, the founder of Litecoin Mining Pool, Jiang Zhuoer, said that the current bull market has risen "steadily." The reason is that mainstream large institutions and large funds in the United States have begun to enter the market. Although these institutions only put out a small position to allocate Bitcoin, because of the huge volume, it is far from the previous player's capital volume in the currency circle. Even if players in the currency circle want to speculate, but large institutions enter the market and hold them for a long time, making currency price fluctuations smaller. This will cause the market to further clear out those small players who chase the rise and fall, and Bitcoin and mining are both decentralized. Besides, in Jiang Zhuoer's view, the future of mining is a kind of large-scale industrial production, just like traditional coal mines. Although there will be small coal kilns in the short term, the large-scale integrated players will be participating in the future.

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