NYDIG CEO revealed that a large-scale BTC investment plan will be announced soon

NYDIG CEO revealed that a large-scale BTC investment plan will be announced soon


On March 17th, Robert Gutmann, CEO of New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), said that we are on the verge of massive Bitcoin popularity. He said that almost from next week, we will see some of these companies' "milestone" moves that will completely change the rules of the game. Gutmann has not yet revealed which partners will make relevant announcements. But he hinted that the news may involve the provision of Bitcoin and other products and services to the wider public. He stated that (these announcements) will gradually mark the adoption, availability, and new starting points of Bitcoin products and services in the existing traditional financial landscape. Prior to the news on February 16, NYDIG submitted a Bitcoin ETF application to the US SEC. Subsequently, on March 8, NYDIG announced the completion of a US$200 million financing and will carry out Bitcoin-related plans with investment institutions.

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