Tesla holds Bitcoin or makes more money than selling cars

Tesla holds Bitcoin or makes more money than selling cars


Cointelegraph published an article that it has been 37 days since Tesla announced the purchase of Bitcoin for $1.5 billion. Although the specific size of the purchase was not disclosed, the transaction price of Bitcoin in January this year was between US$29,000 and US$37,000. Tesla’s US$1.5 billion expenditure may mean that the company holds at least 40,000 Bitcoin. Tesla’s at least 40,000 bitcoins are currently worth $2.2 billion, and this figure can be converted into an unrealized profit of $700 million. Therefore, since the announcement of the purchase of Bitcoin, Tesla's daily unrealized profit has been nearly $19 million. In 2020, Tesla's daily car sales will be approximately 1,368 vehicles, with a daily profit of $1.98 million. Therefore, Tesla's holdings of Bitcoin may make more money than selling cars.

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