Mining is the real secret of wealth in the currency circle.

Mining is the real secret of wealth in the currency circle.


Mining is the real secret of wealth in the currency circle.

BTC is well known for mining. In the 2019 Hurun Rich List in the blockchain field, 9 of the top 12 is mining.

The debate about whether it is better to make money by buying coins or making money by mining has never stopped, so why do many people say: Buying coins is not as good as mining. Let's analyze it briefly. Mining is buying coins every minute and every second and using electricity to purchase coins at a price lower than the market price. If you are optimistic about BTC for a long time, then an excellent way to mine coins is to mine instead of buying coins.

Buy coins. Many people think that buying coins is like buying stocks. The threshold is low, and anyone can start directly. Others believe that the cost of buying coins is low, and they only need to pay for the money.

But buying coins is like stock trading, and there is a significant risk of profit. You buy coins in your hands, you will make money if the currency price rises, and you will lose if the cost of the currency falls. And it would help if you did a lot of homework in the early stage, which is similar to buying stocks. This requires you to understand the background and various information of the investor. You need to have an in-depth understanding of different basic information and make choices based on your knowledge.

Mining is the original method of obtaining digital currency. "Mining" is to get the source of digital currency, so the primary market's cost is always low. Direct purchases will only benefit from price increases, and the quantity remains the same. The income of colleagues who increase the number of "mining" is also growing. It does not look at short-term fluctuations and current income. The final payment depends only on the price at which you sell. The amount of profit mainly depends on one's knowledge of the currency.

Although buying coins has high returns, risks and returns coexist. Therefore, investors also need to bear the risk of falling currency prices. And digging coins is to ensure income through drought and flood. As an investor, you should take a long-term view of mining machine currency.

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