GBA and Raspberry Pi are also used to mine Bitcoin

GBA and Raspberry Pi are also used to mine Bitcoin


If you can't buy a graphics card to change your game laptop, you can't buy a game laptop for CPU mining, and the crazy market of virtual currency has given birth to the miners' talents.

A few days ago, a miner named stack smashing, the master of Up, had a whim. He pulled out the Nintendo GBA game console 30 years ago and wanted to test whether he could mine Bitcoin.

Since GBA does not support wireless networks, the Raspberry Pi Pico is used as the connection board to allow the PC to send mining instructions to GBA.

Considering that GBA is equipped with a Sharp LR35902 processor with a frequency of only 4.19MHz, the efficiency is, of course, horrible (about 0.8 hash/s); strictly speaking, it is 125 trillion times slower than the formed ASIC mining machine.

However, the Up master tried to ask GBA to mine a verified custom block and found that the result can still be calculated, proving that as long as there is enough patience, GBA mining is not a fantasy.

Think about it; the Raspberry Pi Pico is only $4. Is the price low?

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