Mining machine profits will outperform Bitcoin's gains.

Mining machine profits will outperform Bitcoin's gains.


Recently, according to the survey of "Weekly Mining Machine Market Observation" on the Very hash platform, compared with the data report for more than four weeks from February this year to the present, the result of each week is that the mining machine outperforms the price of the coin. When the BTC currency price breaks through a new high, the mining machine's breakthrough is even more significant, and the price of the mining machine rises more obviously than the coin price. The seller's market also means that the market has higher expectations for the mining machine's price. The article wrote that Bitcoin mining might have passed the rapid wealth era, but it is still a good investment asset. Large overseas institutions and companies have entered the market one after another. Even if there are cyclical fluctuations in the industry, it is undeniable that Bitcoin mining is rapidly moving towards scale, and there are myths of creating wealth. For miners, access to highly advanced mining equipment, the highest level of power and cost efficiency, and the fastest processing speed is still the most critical factors to ensure a competitive advantage. Due to the shortage of spots, it can be predicted that the futures market will continue to grow in the future. From 2019 to 2021, the entire network's average computing power has risen by more than 45% for two consecutive years (up 65% in 2019). The performance improvement of mining machines is part of the substantial increase in computing power, but the more important reason is that Bitcoin mining is in public. It is still a profitable business in the eyes.

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