Precautions for the new Antminer

This applies to all Antminers.

Things you need to pay attention to:

1. When you receive the newly purchased miner, check whether the miner is damaged or the heat sink is loose. If you find damage or defects or find that the heat sink is loose, please immediately contact our after-sales service.

2. Install the miner in an environment with no dust and free air circulation. If the air duct of the heat sink in front of the miner is blocked, it will affect the working state of the miner, and it is easy to protect against high temperature and stop working. In spring, willow catkins are easy to block the air inlet of the miner, so you should also pay attention to installing dust-proof nets on the windows of the mine.

3. Wear static discharge or anti-static PPE during the installation or maintenance of the miner. The cable and fan interface of the control board is directly connected to the IC pins. Suppose you touch these interfaces without releasing the static electricity carried by yourself. In that case, the static electricity will quickly break down the IC, causing the miner to fail to work and you can only return it to the factory for repair.

4. When installing or maintaining the miner, please power off the miner first, and then perform maintenance. Otherwise, the hash board or control board will be damaged. Please send it to the nearest repair center for repair.

5. It is recommended to use a power supply that can provide 20% more power output than the power requirement of the miner. When the actual output of the power supply cannot meet the power demand of the miners, the computing power will be below.

6. Connect the positive and negative poles of the 6-pin connector of the power supply's DC power supply to the main control board and hash board of the miner. If they are inserted incorrectly, the PSU will enter the protection mode. Moreover, it will burn the control board and hash board.

Note: Yellow-positive; black-negative

Power supply positive and negative 

7. It is recommended to bring only one miner to one power supply. Miners can receive power from different power sources, but each Hash version can only receive power from one power source.The 6-pin miner power plug is interchangeable, so there is no need to distinguish the order when connecting the connector to the miner. Just don't connect reversely or virtual connect.

8. When powering on the miner, power on the hash board first, and then power on the control board. If you only use one power supply to power a miner, you can directly power on after connecting the hash board and the control board.

9. Check if the miner is grounded correctly >

10. Install lightning protection devices; otherwise, lightning strikes may damage all equipment.

11. The antminer can only be connected to the local area network through a network cable and does not support a WiFi connection.

12. If a network connection or network failure can be restored within 15 minutes, there is no need to unplug the power supply and restart the miner.

If the fault cannot be repaired in a short time, please power off the miner in time. Especially when the network connection is unstable, it is easy to cause crashes or other malfunctions.

  • Different routers have different settings. Please consult your router provider to find out how many miners your router can connect to.

  • 1 Mbps Internet speed can support up to 150 miners.

13. The miner estimates that a 500 MB Internet connection is used every month. Therefore, if you use a data card, please prepare enough data usage.

14. Use supported browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox.

15. Regularly clean and dust the miner. When the air duct in front of the heat sink is blocked, the mine will be affected.

How to clean and dust miner >

16. power cable specifications:

Under 220V voltage, when choosing a power cable, it is recommended to use a power cable of 10A or above, and the length is recommended to be 1.5m or less.

Under 110V voltage, it is recommended to use a power cable of 17A or above when selecting a power cable, and the length is recommended to be 1.5m or less.

Using a 17A power cable means that the output of a single power supply is 1600W or above under 110V.

18. miner voltage specifications

(1) The input of the miner is a 12V direct current, which needs to be converted from alternating current to direct current through the power supply.

(2) The input of the official website power supply is generally single-phase 220V AC.

(3) What is the difference between single-phase power, two-phase power, and three-phase power:

One fire, one zero, is a single-phase 220V. Generally, most domestic household appliances use this wiring method.

The two live wires are single-phase 380V. Therefore, if the three-phase 380V lacks one phase, it is either single-phase 380V or called two-phase power.

The three live wires are three-phase 380V.

Judging from the above conclusions, there is no theory of two-phase electricity.

Things that can't be done

1. Do not use the miner in a closed or airtight place. Anything that obstructs the airflow of the miner is prohibited.

2. Do not place the miner in an environment with high condensation or high salt content and humidity in the air. It is easy to corrode the hash board, and the hash board will be scrapped in severe cases.

It is recommended that the optimal humidity is below 65%. This is because the salt content in the air in coastal areas is high, and the dust easily damages the hash board.

3. Do not use the miner in extreme temperatures. The recommended working environment temperature is 5 to 35°C.

In low ambient temperature, the hashrate may not be representative or less hash. Under high temperatures for a long time, the mining opportunity will fail.

The normal working temperature of the miner >

4. Do not use the water curtain (for heat dissipation) when there is a lot of dust. Water vapor will adhere to the dusty area and corrode the hash board.

5. It is not allowed to use PoE-enabled switches or routers to burn the control board.

6. The connectors of the control board and the fan are directly connected to the IC pins. Please do not touch them. Touching these connectors without electrostatic discharge will damage the IC and cause the miner to malfunction.

7. Don't try to use a miner that appears to be damaged.

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