How to manage the mining farm during the high water period?

The operation and maintenance of the mining farms are directly related to the length of the period for miners to pay back and make profits and whether they can realize the guarantee of maximizing the miners' profits. Therefore, the measurement standard of operation and maintenance primarily lies in handling mining farms and miners' two core production factors.

The first is mining farms. Cheap electricity is not uncommon in high water periods. However, how to quickly set up mining equipment according to local conditions and let miners put them into use quickly tests miners' operation and maintenance capabilities. After all, the hash rate increases fast and violent during high water periods; the only rapid layout is conducive to seizing the range of lower hash rates and higher revenue.

The second is the miner. The concept of the miner seems bold, but the actual operation is demanding, and conditions such as temperature, humidity, and electricity have a significant impact on it. In particular, the climate is exceptionally changeable during the high water period. Therefore, if the operation and maintenance management is neglected, it will affect the operation of the miners in the slightest and endanger the life of the miners in severe cases. Therefore, it can say that the operation and maintenance of the mining farm are directly related to whether the miners can earn income according to their established plans.

Since mining farm operation and maintenance are essential in the rainy season, what factors will affect it? What situations are prone to appear in actual operation? We have integrated the common environmental factors of mining farms during the high water period and analyzed the following possible situations.

Situation 1: Humidity

Humidity can be one of the most common problems encountered by mining farms in high water periods. In the case of rainy summers, the air humidity changes drastically, which requires the attention of operation and maintenance personnel. In wet weather, mining farm operation and maintenance need to pay special attention to the following aspects:

Excessive humidity at the air inlet of the miner may cause corrosion of the hash board. Therefore, the humidity near the air inlet of the miner needs to be checked frequently. At the same time, check whether there is condensation in the combined shelf, miner, power cable, etc. The theoretical humidity should not exceed 65% RH.

The water curtain leaks and the circulation is not smooth, resulting in excessive local humidity. Therefore, it is recommended that the best distance between the water curtain and the combined shelf is 2-3 meters. Too close will increase the humidity, and too far will weaken the cooling effect. At the same time, pay attention to whether the water curtain flows evenly and water leakage.

Common miner hash board

Pollution of the reservoir and abnormal water pump will affect the cooling and humidity control effect of the water curtain. In addition, reservoirs in high water periods are prone to sedimentation, algae pollution, etc., especially after rain. Therefore, it is necessary to check the environment of the reservoir in time and check the water supply volume of the pump.

Rain in the plant and water in the unclosed area will directly endanger the safety of miners. Although mining farms are not fully enclosed, you need to pay special attention to changes in wind direction to avoid rain and even water seepage in the plant.

Situation 2: High temperature

High temperature in summer is also an unavoidable problem. Once the temperature is higher than 30°C, most miners are prone to high-temperature protection with zero hash rate, affecting average mining revenue. What's more serious is that the main mining farm in the high water period often has high-temperature weather of 35~40℃, the loss of mining chips increases linearly. As a result, the service life of miners decreases sharply.

Therefore, mining farms must develop a complete cooling plan, such as installing water curtains, installing negative pressure fans, cooling, and heating isolation, etc.; operation and maintenance need to pay extra attention to the following:

Pay attention to the situation of the air inlet and the size of the shutter opening to avoid excessively high temperatures in the hot air passage. The air inlet of the miner must be kept clean to avoid high temperatures caused by insufficient airflow. When the temperature is higher than 35℃, some shutters need to be opened. In windy weather, pay attention to adjusting the shutter openings to avoid hot return air.

Ventilation channel of the mining farm

Pay attention to the location of the miners to avoid the wind direction of the third-party power supply fan and the miner fan facing each other, causing temperature superimposition. This problem can generally be avoided when the miners are put on the shelves. Still, the subsequent miners are prone to wind direction problems when adding and reducing the equipment and need special attention.

Situation 3: Strong wind and dust

Compared with the daily refined and standardized operation and maintenance work required for temperature and humidity, strong winds are close to emergency response in emergencies, and dust is often an associated hazard in strong winds. Special attention is required for operation and maintenance. The situation is as follows:

The air quality of the air inlet is poor, which is easy to pollute the hash board of the miner. Dust-proof cotton and fan protection net can be regarded as the standard configuration of the air inlet. However, the operation and maintenance personnel need to regularly check the dust accumulation when the weather changes drastically to avoid damage and excessive pollution.

Strong winds are prone to power safety hazards, threatening mining farm operations and even the lives of personnel. Strong winds can easily lead to instability of power and network systems. Daily electrical inspections need to focus on prevention before they happen. Equipment contacts, oil level, gas pressure, insulators, lightning protection facilities, wire sag, terminal boxes, mechanism box sealing, moisture-proof equipment, etc., all require special attention.

Lightning protection measures are indispensable, and no negligence is allowed. Lightning arresters, lightning rods, and other grounding devices must measure the grounding resistance value and comply with the regulations. It is necessary to regularly check each cabinet's grounding, zero rows, and ground goodness; regularly monitor the grounding and ground goodness of the transformer.

Of course, in addition to high temperature, humidity, high winds, and dust, various emergencies will be encountered during the operation and maintenance of the mining farm. Therefore, the operation and maintenance personnel need to adapt to local conditions and strictly follow the operation process to eliminate risks and faults to ensure that the smooth operation of hash rate guarantees the safety of its own life and property.

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