Infrared BGA desoldering station


Infrared BGA desoldering station
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Product description:

YIHUA-1000B Infrared BGA Hot Air Gun Soldering Iron Soldering Station Rework Station Infrared multi-function desoldering station YIHUA-1000B, high thermal effect shaft layer, temperature correction function, universal lighting spotlight, BGA desoldering four-in-one. The preheating table is made of a glaze layer with high thermal effect, ceramics with good thermal shock performance as the substrate, and high-quality nickel-chromium alloy wire is sintered. It has a high thermal effect, good integrity and good thermal stability. Heat evenly. It has the characteristics of high insulation strength, cleanliness and convenience; Infrared, preheating table, hot air gun, and high-power soldering iron all have temperature correction functions. After each heating element has been used for a long time, the actual heating temperature may be inconsistent with the displayed temperature. You only need to press and hold the temperature adjustment button of the corresponding part at the same time to enter the temperature correction mode, the correction range: +50℃; Universal lighting spotlight, 39CM metal hose universal adjustment is easy to operate, strong usability, making the desoldering work more convenient; For BGA desoldering, the component motherboard can be preheated for a period of time with a preheating station. The temperature of the preheating station should be set according to the temperature resistance of the actual motherboard and components. The general setting method is: to set the temperature of the preheating table to be close to the melting point of the solder joint of the component, but not exceed the melting point and the temperature resistance range of the component. After preheating for a period of time, use an infrared or air gun soldering iron with a temperature higher than the melting point of the solder joint to blow and solder the components to be desoldered, and then the BGA desoldering can be easily performed.

YIHUA-1000B Desoldering Station

The hot air gun of the desoldering station is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant material, which has a long service life and a large air volume of 120L/min. The air gun bracket has a safe, high-efficiency and energy-saving automatic start-stop sensing function. After the air gun is placed on the bracket, it will automatically cool down and stand by, pick it up automatically quickly return to temperature.

The high-quality 464°C high temperature resistant silicone wire is immune to high temperature damage, which can effectively prevent the air gun and soldering iron from accidentally damaging the handle wire during work, causing serious safety hazards and problems affecting aesthetics. Strong flexibility, no deformation or damage when bending, and no pulling feeling on the handle during operation. It can be used for a long time in an ultra-low temperature working environment, and it will always remain ultra-flexible.

The handle of the soldering iron adopts a high-power heating core, which heats up quickly. It is suitable for the welding of general solder joints and the desoldering of large solder joints, thick terminals and difficult solder joints.

Introduction of Desoldering Station

temperature correction function

BGA desoldering station button


whole machine

Power: ≤715W

Body size: L 288*W 360*H 52mm+5mm

Working environment: 0~40°C/0~104°F

Storage environment: -20~80℃/-68~176F

Storage humidity: 35%~45%

Infrared light part

Power: ≤150W

Light-emitting element: far-infrared emitting lamp

Temperature range: 100~350°C/212~662F

Display form: LED digital display

Effective irradiation area: 35*35mm

Preheating table part

Power: ≤540W

Heating element: far-infrared heating plate

Temperature range: 50~200°C/122~392F

Display form: LED digital display

Preheating area: 120*120mm

Soldering iron part

Power: ≤75W

Heating element: heating core

Temperature range: 200℃~480C/392~896℉

Temperature stability: ±1°C (static)

Tip-to-ground voltage: < 2mV

Tip-to-ground resistance: <2ohm

Display form: LED digital display

How to use the BGA desoldering station

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