Antminer S17 Hashboard Repair Guide Manual Overview and Download


Antminer S17 Hashboard repair guide

This version contains the basic circuit schematic diagram and chip signal direction and voltage introduction

We currently publish in Chinese and the English version will be released soon

Basic overview:

Antminer S17 single hash board uses a total of 48 hash chips, the model is "BM1397AD", and the signal direction is sequentially transmitted from U1 to U48.

It also passes 5 test points for testing and maintenance

The five test points are: CLK-CO-RI-BO-RST

(Please note: The location of the test points in different voltage domains are also different, please refer to the picture notes)

For notes and instructions on the test points, please see the following articles:

Click to view: Fix Description of Antminer Hashboard test points

1 (3).jpg

CLK - CO - BO - RST  is sequential transmission, RI is reverse transmission

1 (2).jpg

48 chips are divided into 12 voltage domains, and each voltage domain contains 4 chips

1 (1).jpg

We provide some related circuit schematics

1 (4).jpg

Antminer S17 hash board repair guide download address:

click to download: Antminer S17 Hash Board Repair Guide

Video tutorial for Hashboard inspection and repair, example model: S9

(The detection and repair methods of most miners in Antminer are basically the same)

Click to watch:AntminerS9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial.

Related maintenance tools:

BM1397AD S17, S17pro chip

Multi-function test fixture

Chip Tin Tool

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