What are the Manifestations of Miners Infected with Viruses?

Recently, our after-sales team received feedback from some customers that the mining farm was hacked, the miners of the mining pool were tampered with, and the hash rate was stolen. After investigation and analysis, most of them are caused by customers visiting irregular websites, downloading third-party firmware, or overclocking firmware. In addition, if you are using a second-hand mining machine or have been repaired at an unofficial maintenance point, you must be alert to the possibility of infection by viruses.

What are the specific manifestations of miner infected with viruses?

1. Miners in the mining pool are tampered with.

Information has been tampered with.jpg 

2. The firmware cannot be upgraded the backstage.

After clicking upgrade, a 120-second countdown prompt will appear immediately, as shown in the figure below. 

Miners that can be upgraded typically will have a prompt upload percentage in the lower-left corner (only Google Chrome supports display), as shown in the figure below. 

3. The backstage password will be tampered with to an unknown password, making it impossible to enter the backstage.

4. When the hardware and the network are standard, the hashrate of a large number of miners is 0, and the firmware cannot be upgraded in the backstage.

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