Miner swapping scam? How to deal with and avoid becoming a victim?

Antminer DR3 turns into A3 after being powered on. This is called an "item swapping scam", which usually involves a third party, who exchanges new miners with other miners or unprofitable miners, and then sells them as new miners.

In order to protect yourself from such scams, please note:

Know and check miners before purchase

Most miners may look similar, but if you look closely, they are definitely different.

We compare DR3 and A3:




293 mm * 130 mm * 187 mm

321 mm * 125 mm * 208 mm

Hash board

202.6 mm * 156.5 mm

222.63 mm * 176.62 mm

We compare DR3 and A3:

Pay attention to the size. A3 is higher than DR3, and ANTMINER tags are placed in different positions of the miner-A3 is on the front of the control board, and DR3 is on the top of the control board.


Look where the control boards are connected to the hash board for A3 and DR3:

control boards for A3 and DR3

The A3 control board is composed of an IO board and a BB board, you can see the two are put together. On the other hand, the DR3 control board is a single piece of hardware:

A3 control board

Please be vigilant when buying miners.

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