Whatsminer M30S log shows error code 2010

When the Whatsminer M30S log shows Error code: 2010, how to troubleshoot the fault?

2010 error code 


When the log error code shows 2010, the reason is all pools disabled for 2s; please check the network or pool configuration.

For configuration pool:

1) Go to the Configuration - CGMiner Configuration page after logging in.

2) In the Configuration - CGMiner Configuration page, modify the mine pool address and mine worker name. After modifying, click “Save & Apply” in the lower right corner to save the modified configuration.

After the mining pool configuration is modified, the configuration must be restarted after the CGMiner program is restarted or the control panel is restarted.

For more error codes of Whatsminer, see How to deal with fault codes of Whatsminer series.

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