2022 new version Antminer test fixture with touch screen

2022 new version Antminer test fixture with touch screen
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Product description:

2022 New version Test fixture with touch screen for locating the Antminer hash board damaged asic chip and hashrate test

Antminer test fixture offline version is suitable for Antminer S9 T9 Z9 Z9mini S11 S15 T15 S17 T17 S17Pro T17+ S17+ T17e S17e S19 S19Pro T19 S19j S19jPro S19a and Antminer L7 hash board test. does not need to be connected to the computer for complicated settings, you only need to connect the test fixture to the hash board and power supply to complete all the test work.

New test fixture for S17

The new Antminer fixture has a 7-inch full-screen touch function. There are two test sockets on the left side of the fixture, a voltage regulator socket and a DC 12V power connection socket. Test all-in-one Antminer needs to be connected to a regulated cable, and only the miner's own power supply can be used.


When testing the relevant voltage of the Antminer 19 series hash board, because the time to test the output voltage of the test fixture is only 15 seconds, when the test time is over, you can unplug the hash board's cable, then re-insert it, and then press the test button. The test time can be obtained repeatedly. If the hash board is burned due to wrong operation, our company does not support after-sales processing.

Why choose the new version of the Antminer test fixture?

1. 7-inch display screen, the test results are clearly visible;

2. There is no need to connect a computer during the test, which is convenient and fast;

3. Add full-screen touch function;

4. A 12V DC power supply is added to the top of the test fixture.

Notice: testing different Antminer hash boards requires different models of power supplies:

① Antminer S15, T15 need to configure APW8 (16V) power supply

② Antminer S17, T17, S17 Pro, T17+, S17+, T17e, S17e need to configure APW9 or APW9+ power supply

③ Antminer S19, S19 Pro, T19, S19j, S19j Pro need to configure APW12 power supply

④ Antminer S11 needs to be configured with APW8 (10V) power supply

⑤ When test the combining the miner, you need to connect the 4P voltage stabilizer cable. Both the test fixture and the hash board can only use the miner's own power supply.

universal test fixture

hashboard test fixture

best test rig for sale

Take Antminer S9 as an example to explain how to use the new version of the test fixture as follows:

Ready to work:

1. A new version of Antminer chip test fixture

2. 12V power adapter (not suitable for combined Antminer test)

3. Test data cable (18P)

4. SD/TF card (4G or 8G)

Note: The memory of the TF card should not be too large or too small, otherwise it may cause program file errors.

Steps to use the Hash board tester:

Transform files and test file installation:

1. Format the TF card and flash the corresponding conversion file

conversion file

Insert the TF card into the slot of the main control board of the fixture, and power on until the indicator light on the main control board of the fixture flashes continuously for at least 3 times, indicating that your conversion file is installed successfully

SD card slot on main board

2. Take out the SD/TF card, format and copy the corresponding test file

test file

Insert the TF card into the card slot of the main control board of the test jig, and power on until the following display appears on the jig screen, which means that the self-test procedure of the jig has been completed, and your test file has been successfully installed.

Antminer new best tester

3. Start testing:

At this time, you need to connect the test fixture and the hash board with a 18P cable, then power on the hash board, and finally press the test button. At this time, the test fixture starts to detect the hash board. When you see the fixture screen as shown below, it means that the detection is completed, and your hash board is good and can work for you.

test the hash board

Notice: When using this test fixture, you must select the corresponding power supply according to the Antminer model. Please turn off the power when not in use, otherwise the main control board of the test fixture may be easily burned. 

Please note: the new version test fixture comes with all supported Antminer test fixture TF card programs, including Antminer 17 series test fixture programs, Antminer 19 series test fixture programs, Antminer S9/ T9/ Z9/ Z9mini/ S11/ S15/ T15 test fixture programs.

Locate the Antminer S9 faulty chip - new version Antminer test fixture for Antminer S9 hash board:

Test fixture offline version

New version of general test jig

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Motasem 2022/11/30 6:38:47
Q:How match whatsminer m10 ?
A:Hello sir/madam, m10: $220 each with psu, if you need, please feel free to contact the pre-sales customer service
Milan Trnka 2022/10/27 6:37:56
I would like to buy several asics .
But I need a list of all your products with price , not only s19

Thanks a lot

Best regard

A:Hello sir, we have replied to you by email, please pay attention to check. If necessary, please contact the pre-sales customer service
Sufian elzaroq 2022/10/25 18:42:30
Q:Hello I am Sofyan from Libya I would like to ask about maintenance centers in Turkey and also what are the prices of s19 and where is the maintenance center located in Turkey and thank you
A:Hello, s19-95t: $1905 each with psu , if you need it, please contact our pre-sales customer service.
Repair Center: https://www.zeusbtc.com/RepairCenter/Turkey/
Dawie 2022/10/18 1:01:28
Q:Hashboards for antminer l3+ 10 boards price ,do you have Antminer L7 hashboards yet,if you do price per board.
A:Hello, L3+ hash board: $42 each, L7 hash board: $4848 each with psu , you can contact our pre-sales customer service if you need
dawil 2022/10/14 5:38:01
Q:cuanto cuetas unj hash board para m30s 88th
A:Hola señor, tabla hash m30s 88t: $680 cada una. Si lo necesita, comuníquese con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente de preventa.
G 2022/10/7 6:10:06
Q:Z9 hashboard price. Availability. 1 of my hash board is listing 12/16 asic chips. Can I fix? Thank you!
A:Hello sir, we have stock, z9 hashboard: $56 each, if you need please contact our pre-sale customer service
Kayin 2022/10/3 3:31:53
Q:Cara memesan miner s9
A:Hola señor, ¿necesita s9 miner? usado s9: $ 82 cada uno con fuente de alimentación, si lo necesita, comuníquese con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente de preventa
jeremy asta-vola 2022/9/29 13:55:31
Q:Could you send me a quote for Jasminer X4-1U please ?
A:Hello sir, Jasminer X4-1U: $2078 each with psu, if you need, please contact our pre-sale customer service for details.
Soon Vun Chin 2022/9/26 15:07:27
Q:What is the price for used Antminer T17+ and Antminer S17+? Thanks
A:Hello sir, the improved T17+: $783 each with psu, the improved S17+: $1014 each with psu, if you need, please contact our pre-sales customer service
David Brown 2022/9/24 2:49:41
Q:Hello I am looking for the controller for my Avalon6 and the kit u guys sell and I want too but and asic miner S17
A:hello sir, please feel free to contact our pre-sale service via WhatsApp





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