• JPMorgan lowers Bitcoin mining cost estimate to $18,000

    Following a recent revision of the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index methodology, JPMorgan lowered its Bitcoin production cost estimate. Using the new method, the current cost of producing bitcoins drops to...


  • CBECI lowers estimate by 14% and revise calculation method

    The University of Cambridge has revised the calculation method for the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, making this the first major update to the indicator since 2019. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption ...


  • Bitmain releases the first professional XMR miner Antminer X5

    According to official news from Bitmain, it will soon launch its first XMR professional miner Antminer X5, entering the field of Monero mining. The relevant indicators are 212K, 1350W, and 6.37J/K respectively, and the p...


  • SOS Limited signed an agreement with Bitmain for hosting 6,000 miners

    Crypto mining company SOS Limited has rolled out more than 5,000 of its own miners at its Texas hosting center. In addition, SOS announced that it has signed a custody agreement with Bitmain, with a deadline of August 20...


  • Canaan to Suspend Mining Operations in Kazakhstan

    According to Kazakh laws and rules, those engaged in cryptocurrency mining must first obtain a special license. Canaan Creative has been applying for a license since early July, but is still pending. Canaan Creative anno...


  • Blockstream Plans to Raise $50M to Buy Miners

    Bitcoin infrastructure company Blockstream is seeking to raise up to $50 million to buy and store mining equipment it believes is undervalued on the secondary market. Blockstream is launching the Blockstream ASIC (BASIC)...


  • Bitmain will launch Antminer S21 at the upcoming Hong Kong summit

    According to official news, miner manufacturer Bitmain will host the World Digital Mining Summit 2023 (WDMS 2023), which will be held on September 22-23. The theme of the summit, "Empowerment for the Bull Market: Mi...


  • Chaincode Labs Launches Beta of Bitcoin-Centric AI Chatbot ChatBTC

    ChatBTC is an artificially intelligent chatbot created by Bitcoin development shop Chaincode Labs, which has been trained to answer questions about mainstream blockchains using technical information from "high-quali...


  • KuCoin will suspend mining pool services

    KuCoin announced that the Bitcoin and Litecoin mining pools will be suspended from 4:00 PM UTC on August 15th until further notice. During the suspension period, users will retain full access and control over their asset...


  • Russia Bitcoin mining business is booming, with a large influx of miners

    Bitcoin mining in Russia is booming as the U.S. market saturates and mining rig makers like Bitmain and MicroBT are expanding into Russia. Industry professionals say that more cryptominers flow into Russia than anyw...


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