Antminer APW12 - 12V - 15V Power Supply Manual

Antminer APW12 - 12V - 15V Power Supply Manual


Ⅰ. APW12 performance properties and range of use

APW12 series power supply is a high-efficiency DC power supply. It has two single-phase AC inputs and two DC outputs.

1. DC output 1 (OUT1): 12V-15V adjustable voltage output, the maximum current can reach 233A;

2. DC output 2 (OUT2): 12V voltage fixed output; the current can reach 15A.

The maximum DC power output of OUT1 is 3600W; current and power vary under different voltages. Therefore, it’s suitable for servers and miners requiring a strict power supply.

OUT2 can power the control board and cooling fan. OUT2 can also power DC loads, circuits, and other devices within 12V and 15A.

Antminer APW12 PSU

APW12 power supply has the following characteristics:

1. 200-240V wide voltage input, frequency 50Hz;

2. Active power factor correction function, PF>0.99(full load);

3. Adjustable output voltage, remote control;

4. Switch can be controlled remotely, supporting communication with an upper computer;

5. Output ripple <1%;

6. There is under-voltage, output short-circuit, overload, and over-temperature protection inside;

7. Maximum conversion efficiency 95%;

8. Density of small size and high power;

The selection of high-quality devices designed through reasonable schemes ensures the stability and reliability of the product, which can work with a full load in a high-temperature environment of less than 45℃ for a long time.

Ⅱ. APW12 exterior design introduction

APW12 PSU appearance

APW12 PSU interface description

1. Power supply distribution on the front panel:

~2 zigzag AC input interfaces;

~3 6025-size cooling fans.

2. Power supply distribution on the left side:

~the output terminal (OUT1), fixed with 4 M4 screws;

~one 4-Pin signal terminal;

~one 5569 terminal with 12V fixed voltage output.

3. Power supply distribution on the back panel: hexagonal heat dissipation outlet, which constitutes the cooling fan outlet.

4. The AC input terminal on the power supply's front panel is C14, which needs an AC input cable with a C13 interface.

5. The 4-Pin signal terminal is the communication interface between the external control board and the power supply. SDA/SCL is an I2C protocol that can adjust the power supply's output voltage through I2C. EN is the enable signal of the power supply, and the power supply of the control board can be enabled by EN, which is effective at a low level.

6. The output (OUT1) uses copper terminals, 2 fixed holes near the outlet are positive output poles, 2 fixed holes near the signal terminals are negative output poles, and M4 screws can fix output wires or output copper bars on the terminals, etc. for easy and flexible use.

7. OUT2 uses 5569 connectors, 2*3PIN. The 5569 connectors and the corresponding schematic diagram are as shown below:

569 connectors

corresponding schematic diagram

Ⅲ. APW12 specifications


DC Voltage

12V- 15V

Rated Current(220 V input)


Ripple & Noise


Line Regulation


Load Regulation


Setup Time


Short Circuit Protection



DC Voltage


Rated Current(220 V input)


Ripple & Noise


Voltage Accuracy


Line Regulation


Load Regulation


Setup Time


Short Circuit Protection



Voltage Range

200-240V AC

Frequency Range


Power Factor

>0.99(full load)

Leakage Current

<1.5mA (220V 50Hz)


Low-voltage Input

80-89V AC

Output Short Circuit


Overheat Protection


Over-current Output

291A-350A (protection value varies under different voltage)


Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

20%-90%RH  (non-ondensing)


< 2000m




Net Weight


Cooling System

Forced-air cooling



Ⅳ. Precautions for use

1. Before using the PSU, please ensure that your local voltage and power outlets are compatible with the requirements of the product. The output voltage from the power socket should meet the product’s voltage requirement. The leading-out terminal model, polarity, and quantity must also follow the product requirements stipulated in this guide.

2. Please ensure that the PSU appears in good shape and has not suffered any damage in transit. If the exterior of the PSU appears damaged, do not use it.

3. Make sure that the ground electrode of PSU is properly grounded to ensure electrical safety and EMI reduction.

4. Different countries have different power outputs, so we do not supply an AC input cable with our PSUs. Customers should purchase an AC input cable compatible with the local power grid plug. The type number of the cable end interface connected with the power panel is C13, and the sectional area of the copper conductor for cables should not be less than 1 square millimeter.

5. The PSU must be installed in a dust-free environment with excellent and unobstructed air circulation. Any items blocking the airflow of the PSU are prohibited, and under no circumstances should the PSU be installed in an enclosed place. The installation also should not be done in an environment with high condensation or salt content and humidity in the air.

6. The correct way to use the PSU is to connect the output wire terminal and then connect the input cable after the load and the output terminals. Connecting or disconnecting the output terminals is forbidden when the PSU is powered. This is because voltaic arcs generated by excessive DC can damage DC output terminals and pose a fire hazard.

7. Maintaining a good working environment and derating can significantly prolong the lifespan of PSU. It is generally recommended that the load power not exceed 90% of the rated power of the PSU and the temperature not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. In addition, it should be used in a dust-free, non-polluted area with low humidity and low salt content in the air. The derating method will also allow the PSU to work at a higher efficiency point, which can help in electricity savings.

Ⅴ. Troubleshooting






Fan doesn’t run, and OUT2 has no output.

AC input is abnormal.

1. Make sure the AC input wire has a good connection and the plugs are connected firmly and correctly.

2. Make sure the power system is working well and the voltage is normal.


Part of the fans are running normally, OUT2 has no output.

AC input wire is not fully connected.

Check if the two AC input wires are fully connected and without looseness.


OUT1 has no output.

Output short-circuit.

2. Not Remotely booted.

1. Check if the load is short circuit.

2. Check if the upper computer sends boot message, and if it is effective at low level.


Intermittent work of PSU.

1. Output overload.

2. Input voltage is lower than required.

3. Over-heat protection.

1. Check if the load is overloaded.

2. Check if the input voltage is lower than required or there is insufficient wattage.

3. A. Check if the fan is working.

B. Check if the ventilation fan is blocked.

C. Check if there is dust build-up inside the PSU due to prolonged use.


Output is normal, but the fan is not working.

1. Fan is blocked.

2. Fan is broken.

1. Check that the fan is clear of blockages.

2. Fan needs to be replaced.




Contact customer service if problems persist after troubleshooting.


1. The power supply is intended for building-in use as a part of the end system.

2. When installing the switching power supply into the end system, the end system should provide a suitable enclosure.

3. When installing the switching power supply into the end system, the earthing part of the power supply should be earthed in the end system. And the end system shall be connected to an earthed main socketoutlet.

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