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Worldwide map of miner repair
we provide the worldwide miner repair point, mostly are our customers who purchased miner repair tools from us. they can give you professional service of miner repairing. and we welcome more friend join us to complete this miner repair worldwide map together.
After submitting the form. The cooperative repair point will contact you as soon as possible.
Attention: The repair points shown on the map below are independent individuals. This site only provides free display. Please contact the maintenance point for specific matters. If there is any dispute, please resolve it by negotiation. Any consequences will not be related to this site.
If you can provide miner repair service at you location and want to join this worldwide repair map please contact the repair service manager's email:repair@zeusbtc.com
Now supporting repair service of Antminer Innosilicon Ebang Whatsminer and can provide miners parts: Tbilisi - Georgia, Chiang Mai-Thailand, Breda - Netherlands, Irkutsk - Russia, Moscow - Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Santiago - Chile, DF Street - Mexico, Montreal - Canada, Miami - US, Lima - Peru, Malaysia, Brazil, New Zealand, Columbia, Caracas - Venezuela, Medyar - Lebanon, Kuwait, Tehran - Iran, Tabriz - Iran,

Repair video tutorial & Software download

If you want to learn to repair miners, we have prepared a tutorial prepared by a professional maintenance engineer. Detailed description of each step of maintenance, in order to more cost-effective maintenance of miners.

Free miner repair video tutorial

1.AntminerS9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial.
2.[Brand new]Antminer S9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial(Including how to use test fixture).
3.Antminer S9 control board down frequency repair firmware video tutorial.
4.How to use Antminer S9 and T9 chip test fixture (chip test stand).
5.How to repair L3+ hash board.
6.How to use Antminer L3+ chip test fixture (chip test stand).

Software download

1. AntminerS9 control board down frequency repair firmware.
2. Xshell5 and USB driver[Choose PL2303](For test fixture S9 and L3+).
3. S9 temperature sensing files.
4. Antminer S9 Test Fixture TF Card File
5. Antminer T9+ Test Fixture TF Card File

Hash board Repair guide manual

S9/D3/L3+ Repair guide manual[CHS]
S9 Repair guide manual[EN]
Antminer S9k Hash Board Repair Guide
Antminer S15 T15 Hash Board Repair Guide
Antminer S17 Hash Board Repair Guide
Antminer T9+ Hash Board Repair Guide
Ebit E10 Hash Board Repair Guide
Innosilicon miner hash board repair guide
WhatsMiner M3 Hash Board Repair Guide
WhatsMiner M10 Hash Board Repair Guide

If you have any questions about miner repairing, please leave a message.
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Juan Vicente 15/1/2020 2:56:09
Q:I want to make part of your group, and I want to make a orders, and get some tutorials thanks
A:Hello dear friend, you can add business WhatsAPP: + 8613896738552
Ali 6/1/2020 16:49:01
Q:Hello ! I have 4 Antminer T17 devices and these devices works for 2 or 3 days without a internet connection. After that 2 devices had problem. actually the hash boards some time start up and some time didn't recognized. No body in Iran has enough experiment to repair  these kinds of devices and the required spare parts (ASICS) is not reachable too.
What should I do ? please guide me.
A:Hello my friend, I suggest you check the power supply, if maintenance is needed, there are maintenance departments in Tehran and Tabriz
Aleksey Belov 29/12/2019 20:54:55
Q:Hello. I need a tester for Antminer s17
A:Hello, we have a multi-function test fixture, you can find it in the product list of the repair section, if you need to purchase, please contact the sales staff WhatsAPP: +8613896738552
Francisco Procopio 27/12/2019 17:58:44
Q:Buenos dias, queria saber como descargar el video de reparacion de mineros, gracias
A:Hola, el enlace en el sitio se puede ver directamente
miguel 24/12/2019 14:41:01
Q:Hello, I am interested in learning repair of miners and buying the tools to provide service in Venezuela. Do you give any kind of tutorial or online classes?
A:Hello my friend, we do not currently have online courses, you can learn through pre-made video tutorials
miguel 24/12/2019 14:37:43
Q:Hello, I am interested in learning repair of miners and buying the tools to provide service in Venezuela. Do you give any kind of tutorial or online classes?
A:You can test the voltage and resistance of the 29 # chip first, the signal of 30 # is sent by 29 #
shayan 17/12/2019 15:50:26
Q:hello, do you have datasheet for bm1387b and bm1387? what is a diffrence between those and cant be used bm1387b on hashboard when another chip was bm1387?
A:Their pin data are roughly the same, the main difference is the high and low temperature, the data sheet is in the repair guide
Mehdi 16/12/2019 2:58:03
Q:Hi i have problem in s9 14th hashboard repair. I'm use fixture and found broken chip then replace that with new bm1387b but when tested it the chip does not fix. In first hashboard i'm replace chip 51 after that i was checked chip voltage and get this result : clk:0 C0:1.8 Ri:2.2 b0:1.8 rst:1.8
In the second hashboard i was replace chip 31 and after that i get this result: clk:0.4 C0:0.4 Ri:0.4 b0:0 rst:0. I'm very confused what is my problem.
I'm use heat gun in 450° to remove broken chip and install new chip do you think my new chip was damaged by tempretur? Or may be my bm1387b chip is not correct?
A:Hello, please don't use too high temperature for continuous heating, but I don't think you can find a suitable test point, which is located at the transmitting end below the chip
mohsen 14/12/2019 21:06:36
Q:hi in youtube i found this video about hashboard repair. do you know what is the used software in this video ?? Is there gui software for hashboard repair used fixture tools ?
A:Hello, you can contact customer service staff WhatsAPP + 8613896738552
dadashi 14/12/2019 14:23:30
Q:hi again and thanks for your answred my question i have another question. how i must found chip 31, where is chip 0 and how i can counting chips in which direction ?
A:Repair instructions indicate chip order and signal direction
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