How to solution of mixed hashboard antminer miner error

How to solution of mixed hashboard antminer miner error


How to solution of mixed hashboard antminer miner error

Antminer mixes different hash boards and the miners cannot work. This failure is due to the fact that the internal data of the hash board cannot be identified. The solution is to synchronize the hash board data with special custom equipment to repair the above failures. The main models are All miners after S9se: S9se S9k S11 S15 T15 S17 T17 S17 + T17 + S17e T17e S17pro

The connection method is as follows. Connect the device to the computer and the Hash board. Through this device, you can read the key data of the Hash board and synchronize the same value to completely solve the failure of the Hash board to start after mixing.


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