What is the reasons of antminer not starting after repair

What is the reasons of antminer not starting after repair


What is the reasons of Antminer S9se  S9k  S11  S15  T15   S17  T17  S17+  T17+  S17E  T17E  not starting after repair

Recently, we received inquiries from some friends: Antminer failed to start normally, and testing a single hash board showed that it was normal. Even flashing the firmware will not help.

These models include S9k, S9se, S11, S15, T15, S17, S17pro, S17+, S17e, T17, T17 +, T17e


Without exception, these are new models after S9k.

After communication, we found that these friends failed to start work after disassembling the machine to clean the miner's dust or repairing the miner.

The main reason for these failures is that they put chaotic boards together.

For example: mixing S9k and S9se


For example: mixing hash boards of the same model but different numbers


These hash tables look the same on the surface, but their internal serial numbers are different, so putting them together, miners will not work

The previous S9 and S9i can be mixed and work perfectly

However, for models after S9k, Bitmain has injected an independent internal identification number into the hash board. Each miner's hash board and control board must match this number to work properly.

Therefore, when cleaning dust and repairing miners, their numbers must be recorded. If there is a problem, you need to rewrite the identification number of the hash board, which is a very troublesome thing.

We will publish a tutorial on rewriting Hashboard IDs in the near future, so stay tuned.

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