How to use test fixture conversion files and test files?

How to use test fixture conversion files and test files?


How to use test fixture conversion files and test files?

The initial conversion file and test file of the multi-function test fixture are applicable to Antminer S17. If you are testing Antminer S17, you can use it directly.If you need to test other models, you need to replace the conversion file and the test file. For software settings and driver installation, please refer to the tutorial on the website:

How to install xshell and connect Antminer chips fixture?

How to use the Antminer chips fixture?

After all configurations are completed, we can start testing the hash board. It should be noted that when testing all-in-one machines (miners with PSU, such as S11, S15, S17, S19, etc.), you need to use the miner's own power supply to supply power to the test fixture and hashboard, and connect them correctly 4-pin voltage regulation cable.

There are two types of test fixture files, namely the conversion file and the test file. Their functions are different. Here is a brief description:

1: Conversion files

conversion files

The conversion file is the basic file of the test fixture, and its function is similar to the computer operating system. Because Antminer's ASIC chip architecture is different, during the test, according to the chip model, different conversion files need to be used. The conversion file needs to correspond to the model of the chip and the miner. After repeated testing and verification, we attributed it to 3 directories, and each directory was made into a conversion file. Under normal circumstances, these 3 conversion files can complete most of the maintenance test work. When you encounter an invalid conversion file at some point, for example, it prompts FPGA error, the test fixture screen displays a square icon, prompts that the test mode is abnormal, or the screen does not display, these situations may be caused by the conversion file abnormality, but this happens rarely. At this time, please contact ZEUSMINING after-sales service to diagnose and send the matching conversion file for you. How to write the conversion file, please refer to the tutorial on the website:

How to use the Antminer chips fixture?

And video tutorials:

2: Test file

test files

In fact, the test file is a simulation program. Each model of miner only corresponds to one test file. We unzip it and put it into the root directory of the TF card, and then insert the test fixture card slot (before this, you need to write the corresponding conversion file to the test fixture). When the test is started, it will simulate all the actions generated by the miner when it is running, including power supply detection, minimum and maximum hash rate detection, ASIC temperature detection, chip number detection, and signal transmission Detection etc.  When testing the hash board, we mainly rely on signal transmission detection to test the location of the bad chip. When the detection signal reaches the bad chip, the signal will be cut off, and the test fixture will report the corresponding ASIC serial number. It should be noted that due to the direction of signal transmission, the reported chip number is usually not a bad chip. It is most likely the previous or the next one of the chip. For the specific principle, please refer to the related maintenance technique article posted on the website.

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