How to solve antminer T17 log tips temperature error

How to solve antminer T17 log tips temperature error


How to solve antminer T17 log tips temperature error 

The miner's temperature monitoring system relies on the temperature sensor chip of the hash board to provide real-time data for detection. Different hash boards may have multiple temperature sensing chips, usually located near the hash chip. If the chip is not detected when the miner is started, the hash board will not work.

It should be noted that the temperature sensor chip is usually not damaged. When a temperature error occurs, some maintenance personnel directly replaced the temperature sensor chip, but the failure cannot be resolved.

In fact, the problem is not the chip itself. This is most likely caused by a bad U1 chip or the last chip, or it may be caused by a power supply undervoltage.

If the entire miner log indicates a temperature error, then we can upgrade the firmware first. If the error is still displayed, check the amperage of the power input. The undervoltage of the power supply will also prevent the entire machine from reading the temperature.

For example, the following prompt information:

2020/04/27 04:15:48] WARN: chain[1] - 3 sensor(s) reported their temps!

[2020/04/27 04:16:02] ERROR: src/temp.c:218 chain[1] sen[2] - Lost, no updates for 10 sec

[2020/04/27 04:16:02] WARN: chain[1] - 2 sensor(s) reported their temps!

[2020/04/27 04:16:29] ERROR: src/temp.c:218 chain[1] sen[1] - Lost, no updates for 10 sec

[2020/04/27 04:16:29] WARN: chain[1] - 1 sensor(s) reported their temps!

[2020/04/27 04:17:29] INFO: Setting voltage from 17500 to 17400 mV gradually

[2020/04/27 04:17:39] ERROR: src/temp.c:218 chain[1] sen[3] - Lost, no updates for 10 sec

[2020/04/27 04:17:39] WARN: chain[1] - 0 sensor(s) reported their temps!

[2020/04/27 04:17:39] ERROR: driver-btm-chain.c:950 chain[1] - Failed to read temp from all sensors!


If the temperature cannot be read by a single hash board, it needs to be removed and tested using a test fixture. This situation is usually caused by a wrong hash chip. Replace the damaged chip to solve the failure.


Please note: The use of hash boards from different miners may cause some hash boards to fail to read the temperature. Because the version of the hash board is different, the temperature sensing chip used may also be different. The miner will only recognize one firmware program on the control board, while the rest will be unreadable.

Video tutorial for Hashboard inspection and repair, example model: S9

(The detection and repair methods of most miners in Antminer are basically the same)

Click to watch:AntminerS9 hash board repair and fault diagnosis video tutorial.

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